Zero-knowledge calendar

Tutanota's free calendar secures all your appointments with built-in encryption.
Encrypted Email
The built-in encryption guarantees that your calendar belongs to you. No unauthorized person can decrypt or read your data.
On Your Favorite Device
Our fast web client and fully-featured apps for Android & iOS enable you to access your encrypted calendar anytime.

Features of the Encrypted Calendar

The Tutanota Calendar is an important step to become an encrypted groupware solution. Our vision of the future is that people can easily use the cloud without giving away any personal data. The built-in end-to-end encryption of Tutanota makes this possible.

Calendar Features
Automatic end-to-end encryption of all data
Automatic end-to-end encryption of reminders
Accessible on every device
Integrated into the Tutanota email client
Daily & monthly view
Events with start & end time
All-day events
Recurring events
Add & remove calendars
Upcoming events view
Import / export of calendars
Shared calendars
Create event from email
Enable search in calendar
Send, accept, decline invitations via email (iCal)
Display birthdays from address book

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