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The encrypted contact form for your website.

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Secure Connect enables every visitor of your website to contact you confidentially. All data and all files entered into the contact form are automatically protected with strong end-to-end encryption. Try our Demo of Secure Connect now to see how easy it is for a website visitor to get in touch with you securely.




我们整个团队位于德国汉诺威,所有的加密邮件都存储在我们自己的服务器上,部署于德国高度安全的数据中心中,并且由可再生能源驱动。在保护邮件安全方面,德国严格的数据保护法和 GDPR 使其成为隐私法律最完善的国家之一。德国宪法也对言论自由和隐私权给予了高度重视。

Secure Connect - encrypted contact form

End-to-end encrypted
Back-and-forth communication
Colors & logo can be customized
All texts can be customized
All texts can be published in several languages
Sven Taylor, Restore Privacy
"Secure Connect is a great feature that more websites should be utilizing. It easily enables an encrypted two-way communication and document sharing."
Claudio Guarnieri, Security Without Borders
"Secure Connect is, to begin with, a very simple way to set up a contact form on your website. It took me just a few minutes to add Tutanota Secure Connect to my website."
Jürgen Klute, Europa Blog
"I have been using Tutanota a long time already, and Tutanota has been proven secure. That's why Secure Connect is a great tool which offers what I need for my blog."

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