Secure your mails with our encrypted mailbox

Get two months for free by paying yearly. All prices include taxes for private customers. All prices are net prices for business customers.

0 €
only for private use

One user
Use your exclusive Tutanota mail address free of charge. Note: Your password cannot be reset, please write it down somewhere safe.

1 GB
Get your encrypted mailbox with 1 GB of free storage. It is not possible to switch to a larger storage package.

No aliases
There is no free alias available. If you need aliases, please upgrade to Premium.

Tutanota domain only
You may choose from all available Tutanota domains:,,,,

No inbox rules
Inbox rules are not available with Tutanota Free. If you need inbox rules, please upgrade to Premium.

No customizations
No own logo or other customizations can be configured. If you need customizations, please upgrade to Premium.

Community support
Get support from our community.
1 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 1,20 € (paid monthly)
- Upgrade in Free account -
Add users (at cost)
Manage all mail accounts for your company or family: Add users (1 € user/month), delete users, reset passwords. Administrators can reset passwords of other administrators.

1 GB (expandable)
Included is 1 GB storage which you can share among all your users. If you need more storage, you can order larger storage packages.

5 aliases (expandable)
You get a 5 alias package to distribute among your users. You can deactivate/activate aliases, e.g. if you don't want to receive mails to this address anymore. Even larger alias packages can be ordered.

Own domains or Tutanota domains
Bring one or more own domains, e.g. Or benefit from all premium features with your Tutanota mail address.

Inbox rules
Configure rules to move incoming mails to specific folders for your user account.

You can configure your own logo that is shown instead of the Tutanota logo. And you can configure a welcome message for external recipients.

Premium support
Additionally to the community support you can get personal technical support via mail from our support team directly in Tutanota.

If you are a non-profit organization (NPO) check out our special offers.

Select more storage for your secure mails

Easily switch to a larger storage package for your Tutanota Premium account. All users share the storage capacity.

10 GB
2 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 2,40 € (paid monthly)
100 GB
10 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 12 € (paid monthly)
1 TB
50 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 60 € (paid monthly)

Select more mail aliases

Easily switch to a larger aliases package for your Tutanota Premium account. The aliases can be distributed among your user's mailboxes.

20 aliases
1 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 1,20 € (paid monthly)
40 aliases
2 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 2,40 € (paid monthly)
100 aliases
4 €
per month (paid yearly)
or 4,80 € (paid monthly)